What is the quality of your custom-tailored suits?


We only buy top quality materials. We do not like to work with less than Super 130. We see so many clients who are wearing suits of inferior quality and the suit rips at the seams. I suggest to not go less than super 130 and not higher than super 180. We only use materials that are weaved for big brands- prestigious factories have very high class and up to date machinery for weaving material. When we say “high class” machinery, we mean that when they weave the material, the machines are so smooth and well calibrated that the thread does not break. The temperature in the plant is also important. All A grade plants weave A grade materials. That means that when an A grade plant weaves 60 yards of fabric, there is not even one break in the thread and there is no flaw in the material. We use strictly A grade fabrics for our clients’ suits.